Responsive Design


Responsive Design, which may not be new, has gradually proved itself as an essential feature on designing WordPress themes according to the explosion of the mobile device users number lately. A fully respond designed theme would probably ensure maximum accessibility of your customers no matter what devices they are using because its allowance to your website to be adaptable to any screen-size.  This feature so far is not simply considered as a trend but a new standard for creating website. Therefore, in the near future it is predicted, no doubt, that Responsive Design should continue to dominate the design market from the desktop to the small-screen size.

Flat Design


Thanks to the multi-billion dollar marketing campaign of Microsoft, Flat Design has been brought to the masses since the massive success of Windows 8. Since then, Flat Design – appreciating the simplicity and focusing on users experiences plus enhancing the upload speed of your website, has become a popular when being embraced in Apple newest IOS, or even Google product like Gmail, Google Plus and more.

Scrolling over Clicking


As mentioned above, the explosion of mobile devices area are requiring a new web design strategy which leans toward a more effective and enjoyable mobile experiences. Clicking turns out to be less favored by mobile users when scrolling to taking a glancing of the whole page is more convenient. As the result, One-page Sites which suit for scrolling habits, will enhance the interaction between your web and your clients.

Focus on Typography


The fact that Type kits are becoming more affordable (or free in the case of Google Fonts) means that there is more freedom for designers working with a smaller budget to bring their typography skills to the web design table.

In 2015, we expect to see more WordPress sites with Clear large text and Stylish typography.

Full Width Background Images


One way many WordPress websites are bringing their designs to life is through the use of page-width imagery with a hi-definition photo as the background. Large images which is so vivid and eye catching will successfully attract the audiences. T

Ultra-Minimalist Design

Ultra-Minimalist Design

The similarity of all trends above is the simplicity. And this last one is no exception. Minimalism is a popular design philosophy found in web design. It have simple designs, let the focus lie firmly on the content and work equally well for text-heavy sites as well as digital portfolios and image-heavy sites. Beside, just few images (or even a single large image), scarce text and lots of white space are included . This is the things creating unique for Ultra-Minimalism.

This type of simplistic design is intended to provide a better experience for the user, not just to show off the design skills of the creator. Because of the creativity that Ultra-Minimalist Design brings, we predict that it will not decrease its attraction to the WordPress designers in 2015.

Amazing fullscreen video background

Video background is a new-come WordPress since 2014, despite it’s tender age, as being suggested by many users, this trend has proved its efficiency over regular image background WordPress Theme. In this sense, moving pictures surely draw in more attention from visitors and keep them stay interact with your content longer. To be of equal importance, video background allows you to showcase your work in a impressively stunning way while adding realism to the presentation, which is essential to any  personal and professional websites with portfolios needing creative promotion.

For these and other reasons, video background is forecasted to remain its popularity among other wonderful wordpress trend in the next year 2015.