If you’re looking for cool summer marketing ideas to promote your business, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the following 30 summer marketing ideas to give your business a boost when the weather gets hot!

1.  Social media ticket sweepstakes

Host a social media ticket giveaway sweepstakes in which people can enter by following your liking you and by encouraging others to do so as well. It’s a great way to get more followers for future promotions. Theme parks, water parks, baseball games, concerts and other events are perfect ticket giveaways.

2.  Outdoor banners

Strategically placed outdoor banners – near busy intersections, festivals and shopping districts, for example – can put your sales promotions and brand name in front of thousands of people for cheap.

3.  Give a summery gift

Give away a cool summer gift to customers who spend a certain dollar amount. The extra incentive can drive customers to you instead of your competitors.

4.  Summer-themed promotional items

Give away summer-themed promotional items, such as branded beach towels, to help increase brand awareness through your customers.

5.  StickersStickers can be placed nearly anywhere, and because summer gets people out and about you can find numerous opportunities for outdoor sticker marketing.

6.  Rack cards

If you serve travelers and tourists, make sure you print rack cards to be placed at tourism centers, attractions, hotels, restaurants and other areas they frequent.

7.  Post summer photosNothing engages Facebook fans better than photos, so make sure you’re snap-happy this summer to keep your followers interested. Take interesting shots that are worth commenting on whenever possible.

8.  Club card flyers

If you own a nightclub or bar, put employees on the street to hand out club card flyers that promote your entertainment lineup, drinks, atmosphere, and everything else that makes your establishment special. Include a coupon to encourage spontaneous visits.

9.  Host an event

A barbecue cookout, business challenge, 5K or other event can help get the word out for your business. The more relevant, the better: if you sell bass boats, host a bass fishing tournament, for example.

10.  Flyers

Flyers are super cheap to print and easy to distribute to targeted areas. Make sure your summer promo flyers are placed on bulletin boards wherever they’ll get noticed.

11.  Partner with others

You can partner with non-competing businesses to put together attractive packages that offer customers discounts but ensure you and your partners profit. Dinner, movie, spa hotel package, anyone?

12.  Sponsor concerts and festivals

Dominate the brand wars by sponsoring popular events, such as festivals and concerts. Print posters, flyers, banners and other materials to help promote your brand.

13.  Door hangers

There’s no better season to distribute the cheaper cousins of direct-mail postcards.

14.  Direct-mail postcards

Speaking of postcards, they work well in any season – including summer. Make sure yours promote a special incentive for customers who respond.

15.  Posters

Posters can be placed on doors, windows, and walls to promote your brand, products, services, and summer specials.

16.  Street team

Club card flyers aren’t the only things you can hand out on the street to promote your business this summer. Brochures, booklets, catalogs, and even business cards make excellent street-side giveaways.

17.  Car door magnets

Show off your brand everywhere you go this summer with car door magnets. Make sure your website URL and phone number are prominent so customers can contact you.

18.  Take clients to lunch

A free lunch at an outdoor bistro is a great way to build customer relationships, and can lead to new work and word-of-mouth referrals.

19.  Summer event calendars

Print calendars that list the hottest summer events in your area. Add in your branding and summer promotions so customers are exposed to them every time they reference your calendar.

20.  Festivals and trade shows

Set up booths at festivals and trade shows, and attract customers to your booths with banners. Give away brochures, business cards, and promotional items to reinforce your brand and boost sales.

21.  Summer catalog

If you’re in retail, print a summer catalog to send to potential customers. Invest in a targeted mailing list to maximize your return on investment.

22.  Market for unique holidays

Independence Day isn’t the only summer holiday; take advantage of unique and creative holidays to attract attention (and customers) to your business. Did you know June is Candy Month, Dairy Month and Fight the Filthy Fly Month?

Get a stack of business cards or brochures in every major attraction that shares the same customer base as you. Add an incentive for responding to the back of your business card to promote sales.

24.  Magnets

Print magnets for summer marketing; one idea is to place summer event calendars on your magnets.

25.  Social media photo contest

Another great way to get fans involved on social media is to invite your followers to submit their own summer photos; offer a price for the winner as “liked” by the community.

26.  Summer newsletters

Send summer newsletters to your customers (or even a targeted mailing list) full of great summer-related content. Of course, include your own pitch and coupon or coupon code.

27.  Submit press releases

Send press releases to local media with summer tips that are relevant to your business. A mechanic, for example, might send a press release with a list of summer maintenance needs for cars and trucks.

28.  Fly your flag

Get a huge American flag and raise it every day, then print a second, smaller flag with your logo and place it under the American flag to get attention for your business and help brand it as an American company.

29.  Table tents

Do you operate a restaurant? Print summer table tents to upsell drinks and desserts. Even if you don’t operate a restaurant, you might be able to work out a deal with a local restaurant in which you pay for the table tents and print their marketing message on one side, yours on the other, and let the restaurant take care of getting them in front of patrons.

30.  Response card giveaway entry

Use response cards to collect giveaway entries; entry will be free, and you’ll be able to collect contact information to build your own mailing list of targeted customers.